Bath Street Fastrack bus lane

This scheme proposes to construct a contraflow Fastrack bus lane on Bath Street. This is part of the overall Fastrack programme across Dartford, Gravesham and Ebbsfleet and will implement a key Fastrack link between the Northfleet Embankment East development and Gravesend town centre.

The scheme will use under-utilised hatched road space to widen the existing carriageway to incorporate a southbound bus lane. The proposed bus lane will connect to West Street to the north and the new Bus Hub on Garrick Street to the south via New Road. Both the existing northbound traffic lanes, plus the existing southbound taxi lane will remain, with only minor changes to the kerb alignment.

The scheme will upgrade the existing crossing to a toucan crossing to improve accessibility for both pedestrians and cyclists. The scheme will also reposition the pedestrian crossing at the New Road junction to improve the crossing for pedestrians so it is closer to the junction.

Scheme cost

The Bath Street scheme is a £5.52 million project and will be fully funded by a grant from Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. The scheme will be delivered by Kent County Council (KCC).

Scheme documents

Engagement leaflet and street plans (PDF, 1.6 MB)

This project is part of the overall Fastrack programme across Dartford, Gravesham and Ebbsfleet. Continual improvements to the network are required to achieve high quality, rapid, sustainable transport.

The scheme will improve Fastrack users journey times, and also enable additional bus stops to service existing residents and those from new developments such as Clifton Slipways, The Charter and Northfleet Embankment. These improvements to journey time and route will make Fastrack more accessible to Gravesend residents and further encourage uptake.

The Bath Street scheme will reduce congestion and improve accessibility through the delivery of a fully integrated sustainable Fastrack network, making sustainable transport a real alternative to the private car, particularly for residents in new developments including Northfleet Embankment East.

Formal decisions

The Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee endorsed the recommendations in June 2021 to give authority to take the next phase of the Bath Street scheme through to construction.

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