Changes to highway licence application process

We are changing to a new highway licence application system that we expect to be available from 23 August 2021.

The new system, called StarGo, will improve the process for applying, approving and issuing highways licences and permits.

From 23 August all applications must be made electronically and payment made when you apply. Further information and details of how to sign up for an account will be available soon.

StarGo will be used for the following licence applications:

  • skips
  • scaffolding
  • hoarding
  • cranes and mobile working platforms
  • tables and chairs
  • materials on the highway.

When you sign up to StarGo's customer portal you will create an account with a unique username and password that will be used for all future licence purchases or renewals. The portal can be accessed with a smart device such as a phone, tablet or a computer.

The new portal will allow you to to:

  • create an online account to apply, renew and pay for highways permits and licenses
  • upload documentation to support permit applications
  • purchase different types of permits, licenses or services
  • purchase multiple permits at the same time
  • view existing permits and their expiry dates
  • view the status of ongoing permit applications
  • purchase permits for the specific time period required.

Please note we will no longer accept paper applications or those submitted via eSkips or the old system for these licences once the new StarGo platform goes live.