Kent Lane Rental Scheme

The Kent Lane Rental Scheme gives companies who need to close a road or lane to complete highway works a financial incentive to make sure it is carried out in a less disruptive way.

A daily rate is charged to companies working on specific roads and if it is during busy periods such as rush hour.

This scheme works alongside the Kent Permit Scheme.

Unlike the Kent Permit Scheme, the Kent Lane Rental Scheme does not apply across the whole of Kent and only applies to selected roads.

The scheme:

  • reduces the length of time that sites are unoccupied, which reduces the time taken to complete the work
  • improves planning, coordination and working methods to maximise efficiency
  • means more work is completed outside of peak periods
  • enables work to be completed as quickly as possible
  • completes work to the required standard the first time.


Depending on which road you are working on, a different charge applies.

Check the list of roads to find out which band applies:

BandRoad closureLane closure charge

To avoid charges:

  • work outside of traffic-sensitive times
  • work outside of term or seasonal times
  • work at weekends and bank holidays during term-times
  • avoid the reduction of lanes available to traffic
  • work with other highway companies to share a collective charge.


There is no separate application process for this scheme.

The KCC street works management system will automatically identify streets that are included in the lane rental scheme.

If possible, you should include relevant information on your Kent Permit Scheme application.

Useful information


Find out how to apply for the Kent Lane Rental Fund for a highways project.

If you have any questions please email

Read the surplus revenue spend report (PDF, 225.8 KB), showing the bids received and bids granted from June 2013 to September 2015.