Street lights

In Kent, there are around:

  • 123,000 street lights
  • 30,000 lit signs and bollards.

We're converting many of our street lights to energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Read more about our LED street lighting project.

We own and look after most of the street lights in Kent. Parish and district councils own and look after some and some are privately owned.

The street lights on motorways and trunk roads are looked after by Highways England, so any faults should be reported using their helpline (0300 123 5000).

The lights that we own have a code (such as 'ABCD123') on the side of the column which is used to identify the light. The code is similar to a house postcode and tells us where the light is located when faults are reported. This spreadsheet shows the street light codes by street name and district (CSV, 11.0 MB).

New LED streetlights have a small box on top of each column that flash a very small red and blue light. Please do not report any streetlights found to have these on, as this is to confirm that they are connected to our central management system.

As part of the LED Conversion Project, we have installed a Central Management System (CMS) to control and optimise lighting levels.

If you are experiencing specific issues with regards to the lighting levels of LED streetlights, we will consider adjusting them before looking into alternative options such as a light shield. Any shield requests will be a charged for at an approximate price of £80 - £100 per shield requested, after 6 months of installation.

If 3 or more streetlights in a row are not working, we will prioritise attendance within 24 hours to investigate the cause. If the fault is due a failure of the power supply it is likely the repairs will take longer than 28 days as the cable may need replacing or we may need to pass the fault to the power company.

Report a problem with a street light

The two main reasons street lights stop working are:

  • faulty equipment in the street light, such as a broken bulb
  • problems with the electricity supply.

We aim to fix streetlights within 28 working days. If it can’t be fixed on the first visit, we may need to order extra parts and the repair will be planned as soon as possible.

If there is a problem with the electricity supply, we will need to inform the electricity supplier and could take more time to fix the light.

Report a street light problem

If a street light is shining into your property and causing you a problem, we may be able to adjust the light to fix the problem. If this does not work, we can try other things such as fitting a screen or shield to blank out part of the light, however there may be a charge for this if we have not made any recent changes.

Sometimes it is not possible to completely get rid of the problem, as this may prevent the street light from being effective so we may need to find a compromise.

Request a streetlight adjustment

To place an attachment on a street light owned by us, you need to get a licence.

This is to make sure that the columns are structurally sound and able to take the weight/size of the attachment. We also check that the attachments are correctly installed and that the installer is from a reputable company.

Examples attachments could be:

  • signs
  • cameras
  • festive lighting
  • aerials
  • timetables
  • hanging baskets
  • flags and banners.

Download and complete the attachment to street light application form (PDF, 258.6 KB).

Commercial advertising on the highway is prohibited so no authorisation will be given for any form of advertising to be placed on columns that are owned by Kent County Council.