Collect books with Staff Picks

If you're unsure what to read, or you would prefer to collect books without browsing, you can use our Staff Picks service.

How Staff Picks works

Staff Picks allows us to select a variety of audiobooks and books on your behalf from any open library. You simply need to let us know what your tastes and preferences are.

You can ask us to choose up to 10 books or audiobooks on your behalf. We will contact you when they are ready, and you can then collect them from the open library of your choice. The loan period is for 3 weeks on all items issued through Staff Picks.

If you want to pick up your selection from Sandgate Library, please contact them directly.

Complete our Staff Picks form

If you’d prefer not to use the online form, call 03000 41 31 31 to speak to a member of staff.

Returning your books

Books can be returned to any of our libraries with drop boxes or return bins outside.