Find out more about your library membership - video transcript

This transcript is for video on the libraries page.

An animated video of a library building on a sunny day. The video shows the building changing into a shelf of books. One of the books then opens.

Narrator: "When you think of a library you might just think of books? Yep we've got great books. But at Kent Libraries we are so much more."

A hand holds up a library card. The library card turns into a tablet computer showing a woman accessing the eLibrary.

Narrator: "Your free membership not only gives you access to all Kent Libraries across the county, but also free access to our website with hundreds of e-books, e-audio books, daily e-newspapers and e-magazines including such titles as Vogue, Men's Health, Top Gear, Cosmopolitan, Match of the Day, Hello and many more for you to enjoy for free from your mobile phone, tablet or computer."

There is a selection of images promoting the free e-magazines, including a male fashion model, a car, a woman exercising with weights and a selection of food and drink. These images are then shown on a mobile phone, tablet and laptop screen. The tablet computer turns into a mobile library van.

Narrator: "We also have a fleet of mobile libraries across Kent and there are many other ways our services can come to you if you can't get to your local library or don't have time to visit. Kent Libraries are always with you."

The mobile library van drives off screen. A woman delivers books via the home library service to the home of a man in a wheelchair and a carer.

Narrator: "We have libraries with dedicated spaces to work and study either alone or with colleagues and friends with free computers, free wifi and wifi printing at your fingertips."

"Our range of free research and reference materials, professional business advice, archive and local history resources is also available both within our libraries and online if you need some extra support. Or contact our 24 hour Ask a Kent Librarian team available online or over the telephone to help you find all the information you need."

There is the inside of a library, with tall colourful bookshelves and study spaces. A group of people sit at a desk using laptops, computers and mobiles. There are shelves of history books, and a family tree. Then a woman is on the phone to Ask a Kent Librarian.

Narrator: "You'll find that when you do visit a Kent library we're not all about "shush", instead you'll find vibrant spaces where everyone is welcome where our communities can share passions and learn new skills together from baby and toddler groups to opportunities for all our members to meet talk and make new friends. We also offer children's computer clubs, reading groups, events and activities. You can search our online database to discover more community groups that meet in our libraries across the county."

A book opens up with the words “shush!” inside. A black and white interior library space becomes colourful, and pictures of activities and hobbies appear including a diverse group of people, coding, craft and knitting, languages, IT skills and Lego. Groups of people are using the library space. There is a map of Kent with location tags in all areas of the map.

Narrator: "We've redefined what your library can and should be so join today for free and feed your mind, fuel your passions, connect with your community and be entertained! Kent Libraries. We're so much more!"

The outside of a large library building on a sunny day, with groups of people interacting and visiting the library.

Title card: Kent Libraries logo