Hearing impairment support from STLS

The team helping you is made up of 16 Specialist Teachers.

They find services, support and offer training to you and your child's education setting. If your child has:

  • moderate or worse hearing in both ears, we will send a Specialist Teacher to visit you
  • one sided deafness or mild deafness, we will offer support via a phone or email consultation
  • bilateral permanent moderate, severe or profound hearing impairment, support will be given using the NatSIP Eligibility Framework.

Between the ages of 0 to 5 years, we support your child either in your home or at your child's early years settings.

Our team will work with the early years setting and you to make sure your child gets what they need. To do this we will:

  • tell the early years setting about your child's hearing impairment diagnosis
  • support you, and any extended family member, in your home
  • work with you to check their development and set goals
  • give you information on modes of communication
  • recommend toys, sensory materials and books
  • help you become confident making choices for your child
  • connect you with other families and local support network
  • attend visits, offer advice, and training to your child's early years setting
  • support transitions into school.

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If your child attends school, we will:

  • tell your child's school about their hearing impairment and train staff
  • find strategies to help with social inclusion and access to the curriculum/communications
  • teach staff specialist language, listening or signing skills
  • recommend specialist equipment, such as assistive listening devices
  • supply technical support to ensure hearing equipment is working well
  • work with schools and other agencies to support joint planning
  • check your child's functional hearing and their language and listening skills
  • contribute to a planned approach over time to promote independent learning
  • make sure goals and approaches are consistent between home and school.

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We'll write a report and give you advice when your young person is ready to move on to college or university.

The college can help you if you're in further education by purchasing extra support.

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Request support

Referrals can be requested from your child's school, health professionals, or you.

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If you need information in an alternative format, such as braille or a language other than English contact our Alternative Formats Team.