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making referrals simple, easy and secure. Refer Kent, strengthening referrals.

ReferKent is an online referral system that aims to strengthen referrals across Kent for adults and families. ReferKent is now growing into an online directory of organisations and services accessible to the residents of Kent, which also acts as a referral platform directly into these organisations.

The ReferKent system is safe, secure and GDPR compliant. ReferKent enables users to make and receive referrals which you can then track and monitor to make sure people are getting the support and guidance they need.

Supported by the Helping Hands Scheme, we are encouraging organisations to sign up as referral partners to  create a directory of services. This service is free to organisations who support Kent residents, and you can access it from mobile and desktop devices. Once you've signed up, you can start making and receiving referrals.

The ReferKent system was set up in response to the cost of living crisis. It was recognised that many people were subjected to signposting, often from one organisation to another. This left individuals who were seeking support feeling deflated and falling further into financial hardship. Our system aims to bridge the gap between signposting and referring.

ReferKent will help you make referrals with a quick, easy, and secure platform. Your referral can be tracked and monitored to make sure people are getting the support and guidance they need. As we enter the ‘cost of living crisis’ this service will continue to support individuals who are experiencing, or are at risk of, financial hardship. Referrals can only be made for adults.

We look forward to you using our system and know that with your help, we can make referrals simple, easy and secure.

Watch our video explaining the ReferKent service and why you should register.

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Using the ReferKent system

  1. Apply to join ReferKent as an agency.
  2. We'll send you a service level agreement and data sharing agreement.
  3. Sign the documents and return them to us.
  4. We'll then invite you to an online training session.
  5. Once training is complete, we'll activate your account.
  6. You're ready to make referrals.

Making a referral is quick, easy and secure. It's only for organisations and agencies to refer their clients, residents can't self-refer. Referrals can only be made for adults.

Make a referral now

Referrals only take a few minutes to complete, and you can track the progress of your referrals at any time. You can request reports on your referrals from us.

In line with UK GDPR law, the system has been designed to keep individuals’ information safe and secure. It only asks for essential information needed for the referral and you can't attach clients notes.

You should get a response to your referral in 3 working days.

You will get an email notification when you receive a referral. You then log into your ReferKent account to view the referral.

In line with UK GDPR law, the system has been designed to keep individuals’ information safe and secure, you will only receive essential information needed for the referral.

You should respond to the referral in 3 working days.

If you are receiving more referrals than expected and don't have capacity to assist, please contact us and we will put your account on hold for an agreed period to allow you to catch up before accepting any further referrals.

When you become a ReferKent user we will give you access to information, updates and networking opportunities.

  • You can join our MS Teams “Strengthening Referrals” channel, where we collaborate, ask questions and find out more information about the projects and services that are working to help Kent residents facing hardship.
  • There will be regular networking meetings for you to talk to, and find out more about, other organisations using ReferKent and who you are referring to. You can ask questions to strengthen your referrals.
  • You will be sent a regular newsletter with details of all the support and up-to-date information about what is going on across Kent to help those in financial hardship.

If you have any comments, suggestions or issues you need support with, email

Spotlight sessions

Monthly spotlight sessions are held to highlight the organisations that are used by ReferKent and the work that they do to support residents across Kent.

These sessions allow professionals to learn more about an organisation with the chance to ask questions to ensure you are able to make a referral. If you are a professional who make referrals for people who need help, you are able to attend any of these sessions even if you are not using the ReferKent platform.

To book a slot for one of the upcoming sessions visit the spotlight booking website.

Organisations working with us

Here are some of the organisations we're working with:

If you are interested in working with ReferKent email for further information.

Funded by

ReferKent is funded by The Helping Hands Scheme.