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If you work for an organisation that supports adults and families who may be experiencing financial hardship in Kent, you're already doing great work.

But these are challenging times. And all too often, you may meet people who need help from more than one service.

Well now you have a way to assist those people too by using ReferKent.

ReferKent is a simple, easy and secure online referral system that allows you to proactively send an individual's basic details to another service that you think they might benefit from.

Think signposting, but in a way that takes the pressure off the individual.

No longer can you just tell them about a service, now you can contact the other agency and ensure the individual is contacted by them.

And you'll be able to see reports on activity and outcomes, giving you the reassurance that things are being done.

So if you're an agency providing services for adults and looking to expand your reach and effectiveness in the county, register with ReferKent.

It's a completely free service and is a great way to make a difference for people who may need more help than you can provide.

ReferKent, making referrals simple, easy and secure.

Go to to find out more and to register.

[Title card] ReferKent. Making referrals simple, easy and secure.

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