Food waste is collected weekly by local borough or district councils in most areas of Kent. It is then recycled to produce fertiliser for farms and renewable biogas, which fuels thousands of homes!

Did you know, you can also produce compost from your food waste? It's a great way to feed your plants and improve your soil. Both options are much better for the environment than putting food waste in your bin.

Find out more about how to manage your food waste visit your local borough or district council website or Recycle Now to learn about home composting.

It’s easy to recycle food waste:

  • Line your food waste bin (caddy) with newspaper, paper towel or biodegradable caddy liners.
  • Feed your caddy any solid food waste including cooked foods, bones, tea bags and leftovers.
  • Empty it regularly into your outdoor caddy for kerbside collections, or into your garden compost bin.

Discover what happens to food waste when it gets collected.