Bin and bulky waste collections

Get in touch with your local borough or district council if you have any questions about:

  • bin collection dates
  • bin men strike
  • bulky waste collections
  • clinical waste bins
  • dog waste bins in your community
  • food bins
  • furniture collections
  • garden waste
  • garden waste stickers
  • missing bins
  • ordering a new bin
  • plastic sack requests
  • red stickers
  • replacing a broken or lost bin
  • what you can or cannot put in your bins.

Once your household waste is disposed of, we find the most sustainable friendly way to get rid of it.

Find out more how we recycle waste.

Contact your local borough or district council

Find out what other services your borough or district council provides.

Pay someone to take your rubbish away

If you choose to not request for your local council to collect your bulky waste, you have a duty of care to ensure that your waste is disposed of correctly. If your waste is flytipped by a waste disposal service you have hired, you could face a fine.

Learn how to protect yourself from rogue waste collectors and traders by following our simple steps.

Clinical waste collection

To arrange collection or disposal of a sharps container contact the healthcare service who provided the item or your district council may offer a collection service:

Help us reduce, reuse and recycle even more!

Are you doing all you can to reduce, reuse and recycle your household waste too?

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