Mental health

For most people who experience mental health issues, your first place to get help should be your doctor, who can often refer you to other professionals.

If you need help with managing your day to day life because of your mental health problem you can come to us for a community care assessment so that we can find out what you need.

Local and national support for people with mental health problems and their carers

Live It Well is a website for Kent and Medway that offers help and advice on all areas of mental health. Live Well Kent helps people to improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing. It is a free service delivered on behalf of Kent County Council and the NHS by two charities - Porchlight and Shaw Trust.

Local activities, groups and support services for people with mental health problems in Kent are also available through our online care and support directory and our local carer's organisations will help you if you are currently looking after someone with mental health problems.

Many Kent libraries have books that give tips on reducing stress and living with mental health problems.

The NHS website gives you full information about the effect mental health problems may have on you and people who care for you, and also offers national helplines and support.

Mental health problems can affect any of us at any time in our lives. Up to 190,000 people in Kent are living with common mental health problems (such as anxiety and depression) and a further 60,000 people are living with severe mental illnesses (such as severe depression or post traumatic stress disorder).