What we do with waste

Waste collected from your house

We get rid of the waste your local council collects from your house and area. We provide places for them to take the waste, which we bulk up and send elsewhere.

Waste from household waste recycling centres

We bulk up the waste you bring to our household waste recycling centres (tips) and take it to recycling or final disposal facilities. We don't own or run any waste processing or disposal facilities ourselves.

Waste turned to energy

Waste that is not reused, recycled or composted goes to a plant near Maidstone, which turns it into energy. It is burnt under controlled conditions to produce steam that is used to generate electricity. Find out more from the Kent Enviropower website.

Landfill diversion

Only 1.05% of Kent’s waste was sent to landfill during 2017-2018.

We may need to send some items to landfill when we cannot recycle or reprocess them, for example, asbestos.

Closed landfill sites

We manage and maintain 19 closed landfill sites to ensure they comply with environmental standards.

Most of the sites have been closed and restored for 30 years but we still need to ensure that any gasses and contaminated water caused by the rotting down of organic wastes are collected and treated. This might be by burning off potentially harmful gas or by treating contaminated water from the site.

Landfill gas has the potential to suffocate or cause explosions in confined spaces. Contaminated water can present a risk to ground and surface water sources if not properly managed.

Landfill sites offer the potential for informal recreation or grazing of animals once they've been restored.