Where our waste and recycling goes

It is important you know where your rubbish and recycling ends up, we publish our data and report so you can see how we work.

Currently less than 0.25% of waste is going to landfill and we are working hard to keep it that way.

What happened in 2019 to 2020

  • 74% of all waste and recycling collected stayed in Kent for processing. This is great news as it also reduces carbon emissions on transport.
  • Landfill avoidance is our top priority and only used as a last resort. Just 1.5% went to landfill. The average landfill rate in England was 8.5%, so we are ahead of most other counties.
  • In Kent we recycled or composted 46.7% of our waste, this is higher than the average of 43.8% for the country.

To get the details of this data use our interactive end destinations report on Microsoft Power BI.

View the data

What happens to Kent's waste

Using our interactive end destinations report on Microsoft Power BI, you can move through the slides to look at the following data:

  • Slide 1: Where Does Your Waste Go? A map showing where waste is sent from the household waste recycling centres and transfer stations.
  • Slide 2: How and Where is the Waste from Your Area Treated? Showing how much is kept within Kent, within the UK (but not in Kent) and abroad. The second visual shows the types of waste that are collected.
  • Slide 3: What is the total tonnage breakdown for Kent? Shows all the waste in Kent, by district and where it has been sent.
  • Slide 4: Where does Kent’s waste go? A comparison between 2017 to 18, 2018 to 19 and 2019 to 20.

View the data

You can get more details of how we process: