Supporting you to do more for yourself

Our support

The Kent Pathways Service supports adults with a learning disability to become more independent. We can help you to improve your independence by developing life skills so you need less help.

We will support you for between 1 and 12 weeks to learn or re-learn skills that will help you become more independent and need less support.

It will not cost you anything to have support from a Kent Pathways Service worker.

What we can help with

We will work with you to help you improve your independence in an area of your life you need help. This could be making new friends, getting fit or active or learning to travel independently.

The Kent Pathways Service can help you with:

  • preparing for work
  • cooking
  • housework
  • budgeting
  • going shopping
  • activities
  • keeping safe
  • keeping well
  • finding a college course
  • finding out what equipment can help you and how to use it
  • finding work.

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