The Kent Pathways Service video transcript

Transcript for the video on The Kent Pathways Service page.

Title: Kent Pathways Service, supporting you for a more independent life.

A blurred image showing an adult cooking food on top of an oven in a kitchen.

Image changes to show Hannah, a Care Manager talking to the camera sitting in front of a window.

Hannah: "It’s helping people on the Pathway to Independence. It’s looking for skills that they might not realise that they’ve got hidden underneath, things they haven’t developed before"

Image changes to a man walking through a gym who starts to exercise on a piece of gym equipment.

Hannah: "And actually helping them to build on the things that they can do and become more independent".

James, the man at the gym is now talking to the camera.

James: "I like going to the gym. I see my friends. I like to be my own man, my own boss".

Video moves on to a woman called Lee, who is James' mum talking to the camera.

Lee: "It’s made James more independent and it’s nice to know there’s somebody out there that will listen and help me, besides from me".

Video changes to Sharon, a Support Staff member talking to the camera sitting in front of a window. While talking the video changes to James walking on a pedestrian path towards the camera with a bottle of water in his hand.

Sharon: "Kent Pathways came in and showed James various activities that he might like to try. James chose to go to the gym"

Video goes back to Lee, James' mum. While talking, the video cuts back to James in the gym. He is using gym equipment showing how much he loves going to the gym.

Lee: "He loves coming, he feels a lot more independent, a lot healthier, the doctors are very pleased with him and he’s walking faster, moving quicker which is brilliant".

Video moves onto Golda, a Support Staff member talking to the camera sitting in an office. While Golda is speaking the video cuts to James in the gym.

Goulda: "We just help them along a little bit and then we pull away because then they can achieve it and do it by themselves".

The video shows a female wearing a lanyard knocking on the door to a flat. A gentleman by the name of Warren opens the door and the camera moves into Warrens flat.

Female staff member:  "Hello Warren, how are you?"

Warren: "Alright thanks"

Female staff member: "Good, can I come in Warren"

Warren: "Yeah that's okay"

The video moves on to show Liz a Support Staff member talking to the camera.

Liz: "Warren is a man that lives on his own in his own flat, and he was referred to us for cooking."

While Liz is talking, the video changes to Warren cooking in his kitchen. Warren shows the camera his cooking skills by serving up tomato sauce, beef mince with kidney beans.

Liz: "The main benefits to Warren are that he is now cooking himself fresh food every day. He is cooking for his girlfriend and it’s increased his self-esteem, he feels healthier and he feels good about himself. So, jus increasing the person’s independence, moving them forward step by step.

"So did Anne-Marie enjoy her Shepherd’s pie?"

Warren: "Yeah she liked that and my brother did, he came over for dinner".

Liz: "Oh you had your brother as well for dinner?"

Warren: "Yes that’s when he brought the chair round"

Liz: "You’re cooking for everybody now?"

Warren: "Yeah I am now."

Video card changes to show the 5 people we have met in the video with the title Kent Pathways Service displayed in the middle.

The text changes to show the words:

  • supporting you to live more independently
  • the service support you to develop skills
  • it will not cost you anything to have support.

[Title card] Kent Pathways Service, supporting you to do more for yourself.