1. Kent County Council election

    The next Kent County Council election will take place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

  2. Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) elections

    Find out how to register and vote in our annual elections held each year in November.

  3. Voting in elections

    Find out how to register to vote, when you need to re-register, and changes coming into force with the new Elections Act 2022.

  4. By-elections

    Election notices for Hythe West by-election.

  5. Prospective councillors

    Find out how to become a councillor and to stand for local election.

  6. How the council works

    Who runs the council and how decisions are made.

  7. Election results

    See results from previous county council elections and by-elections from 2005.

  8. UK Youth Parliament representatives for Kent

    We elect 7 youth county council members each year to represent Kent on the UK Youth Parliament.

  9. Kent Youth County Council campaigns and projects

    KYCC members choose 3 issues to campaign on each year.

  10. Electoral divisions

    See maps of the electoral divisions in Kent.

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