Kent Youth County Council campaigns and projects

Each year during the elections young people in Kent have the opportunity to vote for the issues that are most important to them.

The top 3 voted issues then become the 3 campaigns that elected Kent Youth County Council members will work on. In addition to these top 3 issues, some of the other voted issues become smaller projects.

The elected members work hard to influence Kent County Council and other decision makers to bring about changes in Kent.

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Campaigns for 2021

Curriculum for Life

The Curriculum for Life Campaign was set up to help educate and equip young people with the skills necessary for all aspects of life, particularly non-academic issues like mental health, interviewing techniques, and finance. This campaign was elected as a priority across Kent in recent elections and, with the large amount of KYCC members who chose Curriculum for Life as their campaign this year, it is clear to see it remains of interest.

Our aim for the year is to create resources, with the input of young people, that can be sent out to schools and teachers to be taught in all schools. Our key actions are to:

  • continue contacting schools and getting help and support to build up our ‘toolkit'
  • set up a select committee with teachers and those who work in educational facilities
  • get organised in how we can get schools involved/actually make the resources.

Environmental awareness

Our initial idea as a group was to look at the logistics of our campaign group going paperless. We have achieved this and would like to discuss KYCC going paperless. In addition, as a campaign group, our main aim for the year has been looking at how schools can be more environmentally friendly and how we can run a social media campaign about encouraging people to be more environmentally friendly by having more sustainable lifestyle choices.

As a new campaign group in 2020 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not achieved as much as other groups may have in previous years. However, we feel that we have done the best we can under the circumstances but here is some of what we accomplished:

  • As a group we went paperless for all our meetings.
  • Emailed schools countywide to support the planting of tree saplings with access to grants.
  • Campaigned and supported the WWF Earth Hour and the Global Earth Day.
  • Looked at sustainable fashion choices.
  • Planned our campaigns for 2021/22.

Our key action this year has been to create a promotional film and look at launching a social media campaign on sustainable lifestyle choices.

Mental Health

Our first aim within the Mental Health Campaign this year was to create visual signposting for young people in Kent to where they can receive help and advice regarding their emotional health and wellbeing. Due to being in lockdown, we decided to do this by creating a mixture of social media messages which went out on our social media platforms.

We also supported the work of the Emotional Wellbeing Participation workers. They asked us to feedback on several ideas which they had and gave suggestions as to how they could reach young people. We have enjoyed our work with them and feeding into their project knowing our voices had been heard.

Due to the pandemic and having to resort to virtual meetings, we also felt that it was highly important to support each other and promote the wellbeing of the group. We took part in many social and team building activities together. This helped us to feel connected and confident when working together online.

A key action we want to achieve is to host a World Mental Health question and answer session at Kent Youth Voice to make other members aware of the support and services being provided to help them.

The campaign has created some useful resources for schools and youth clubs, including an assembly and lesson to be used in schools across Kent, and a directory of mental health services across the county which is designed for secondary-school age pupils. We have also created our own recommendations to schools and councils on mental health education from our research across Kent.

For updates on all our campaigns and resources see the minutes and newsletters section.