Rathmore Road improvement scheme

This scheme changed Rathmore Road into a two-way street and made additional road and junction improvements so that the town’s railway station is integrated with the rest of the town centre.

This project, part of Gravesham Borough Council's vision for the Transport Quarter included:

  • creation of a new two-way road between Wrotham Road and Darnley Road to the south of the station
  • removal of the ring road traffic from Clive Road and Barrack Row so that people can move more freely between the station, bus stops, town centre and Civic Square
  • public realm improvements on Clive Road and old Rathmore Road improving the streetscape
  • improvement of the southern entrance to the station with a dedicated drip off and pick up facilities, taxi rank areas and disabled parking bays.

Scheme plan

Rathmore Road link scheme plan (PDF, 729.5 KB)

Public transport has an important role in the movement of people. Gravesend Station, along with the adjacent bus stops is a focus area for people entering and leaving the town. Previously the ring road system had the effect of being a barrier between the station, bus stops and the town centre.

Scheme objectives

The scheme objectives were to:

  • move the ring road traffic to the south of the station integrating the station with the town centre
  • move the ring road traffic on Clive Road and Barrack Row that separates the station from the town centre and the bus stops
  • move the ring road traffic from Stone Street that separates the Community Square from the Station and bus stops
  • allow an improved public realm on Clive Road and the old Rathmore Road to give improved streetscape and continuity with the earlier Community Square works
  • enable a future scheme to create a bus hub on Barrock Row.

Formal decisions

The approval to progress the Rathmore Road improvement scheme was taken by Kent County Council on 17 September 2014.

The decision by the SELEP Accountability Board to grant Local Growth Funding for the Rathmore Road improvement scheme was made on the 12 February 2016.

Scheme value

Works for this scheme started on 27 May 2016 and completed in December 2017.

The funding secured by KCC consisted of £4.2 million from the Local Growth Fund (obtained from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership), and £5.3 million match funding.

Funded by

The government Growth Deal provides money to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, funding projects which drive Kent’s economic and business growth.