Combined Members Grant

Every year we help community projects across Kent by using the Combined Members Grant to fund them. Funding is divided equally across Kent's 12 districts.

The grant is divided equally across Kent.

Each county councillor can award £3,600 in grants.

These grants can support a lot of different activities, including:

  • local events and activities
  • purchase or repair of equipment and furniture
  • promotional materials
  • marketing and training costs
  • website creation and redesign
  • small-scale pilot projects
  • community safety schemes
  • sports projects
  • mentoring support to assist local groups to become more sustainable.

Any application should support and endorse the corporate objectives of our policy document Framing Kent's Future.

All groups and organisations who are properly constituted and have a current bank account can apply for projects that benefit local communities. Check with your local county councillor or Member Hub Service by emailing if you're unsure if your group or organisation would be eligible.

County councillors may jointly support a project where it benefits more than one area or community.

Schools and academies may apply for funding towards projects that support wider community benefit.

Religious group applications will be considered, but must show that the project will bring wider community benefit.

Who can't apply:

  • individuals (10 or less people)
  • party political groups or political activities. This includes any parish council (or group of), district councils or Kent County Council where any grant would challenge or oppose the democratic functions of that local government. Or where such grants would we deemed to risk the reputational standing of Kent County Council
  • church or faith groups who are using the grant to promote religious activity.
  • schools and academies cannot apply for funds towards capital building costs, teaching materials or curriculum delivery
  • businesses/companies which do no reinvest surpluses for community benefit
  • voluntary and community organisations who have a turnover of over £100,000 if seeking replacement funding for a project previously funded by Kent County Council.

The grant is a one-off. There is no funding for any future costs.

You must contact your local county councillor(s) before applying.

You can't use this grant to replace any other funding you may currently get from KCC or have received from KCC in the past, including a service level agreement.

Schools and academies may apply but it cannot be used to support statutory curriculum delivery or teaching materials.

You must use the grants for the reason stated in your application form.

After you've spoken to your local county councillor contact your local Member Hub Service, email for an application form.

We will respond to your application within 2 weeks to let you know we have received it and it is being processed.

Grants are awarded on an ongoing basis and you can apply throughout the financial year, until the funding is spent.

Tips when filling in your form

  • Complete separate application forms if you are applying for funding for different projects.
  • Give a clear start date for the project.
  • Inform us on your application form if you are applying for another KCC grant or fund.
  • Describe the broad community benefit that your project will bring. This must be for the benefit of the district represented by the local county councillor(s) you are applying to.
  • You do not need to have funding from other sources for your project. If you do, please state this in your application.
  • If your project needs any permissions (including from the landlord or local authority planning permission), you must obtain these before you apply.
  • All questions must be fully completed for us to consider your application.
  • Keep a copy of your application form for your records.
  • Submit your application early, and at least a month before the project is due to start.

Once you have completed your application:

  • the relevant local county councillor(s) and Member Hub Service team member will discuss your application
  • if it is agreed, the application is sent to a cabinet member who must agree and formally approve it.

If the local county councillor is formally involved with your organisation, or the project, we must seek approval from the other local county councillors in that district. This may delay any decision.

Once the application is approved by the cabinet member, a formal offer letter or email will be sent to you. This will include:

  • the terms of the grant
  • how to accept the grant and let us know your bank details
  • what you need to do to monitor the progress of your project.

We aim to pay the grant into your account no more than 28 days after receiving your acceptance form.

If you do not return the acceptance form to us by the date given, we may give the money to another organisation.