Framing Kent’s Future

Framing Kent’s Future is our top-level council strategy for 2022 to 2026. It sets out the priorities that we will focus on over the next four years to tackle the challenges and make the most of the opportunities that the county is facing. Through delivering these priorities, our aim is to improve life in Kent and build a solid foundation for the county’s future success.

We know that the next four years will not be easy. Kent’s communities are feeling the effects of the social and economic pressures we face – some of which have been brought into sharper focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. These include rising costs, ever-increasing demand for services like health and social care, growing numbers of households, the impacts of climate change and the pressure that Kent’s position as the gateway to Europe can bring to our county.

To help support Kent through these multiple challenges, We will respond by doing things differently. We will seize opportunities to work even more closely with our partners, design and deliver our services more collaboratively and invest in new technology to make the council more efficient and productive. We will also work with Government to secure the powers and resources that Kent needs to succeed.

Read Framing Kent’s Future, our council strategy (PDF, 6.8 MB).

Our key priorities

We have built the strategy around four key priorities that will frame our response to the challenges and opportunities of the next four years:

Levelling up Kent

We will use the momentum of the national Levelling Up agenda to make Kent a successful place and narrow the gaps in outcomes between different parts of Kent and between Kent and the rest of the South East. This includes strengthening the county’s economy, helping people gain the skills they need, continuing to support schools, a particular focus on improving life in deprived communities in coastal areas and working with our partners to improve the health of Kent’s population.

Infrastructure for communities

As the county continues to grow, we will seek to ensure that all communities, new and existing, have the right infrastructure around them for a good quality of life. This includes taking an ‘Infrastructure First’ approach to new development, improving digital connectivity and access, supporting our rural areas, ensuring people have access to safe and efficient travel options and that all communities can benefit from a strong social infrastructure.

Environmental step change

We will build on the work we’ve begun to reach our ambitious Net Zero targets, while managing climate impacts that the county is already experiencing. This includes protecting and strengthening our natural environment, working with our partners towards Kent being Net Zero by 2050, exploring options for carbon zero energy production and use, and ensuring that the county is well placed to adapt to climate change.

New models of care and support

We will seize the important opportunities to work differently to manage the demand and resource challenges facing our people-based services and provide better care and support for the people of Kent. This includes integrating our social care and public health services with our partners, supporting vulnerable children and families, helping adults who draw on social care to lead the lives they want to live and improving the way we design and deliver our care and support services.

We will deliver the priorities through the commitments and actions set out in the strategy. We will know if we are on track by using performance information and by talking to Kent’s residents about the difference we are making.