Computer and internet access

All our libraries have computers with internet access. You can also access our wifi on your own device with your library card and PIN number.

It's free to use the computers and wifi if you are a library member. If you are under 16 you need permission from a parent or carer to use the internet. If you have over £10 (£5 for a child) of fines or charges owing on your account, you cannot use the computers or wifi.

Book a computer

You can book a computer when you arrive at the library or book in advance to make sure a computer is available when you need it. You can book a computer online or contact your local library before you visit. You will need your library card and PIN. If you don't live in Kent you can get a guest pass to use the computers by showing ID at the reception desk.

You can use the computer for up to 1 hour. If you need more time please ask a member of staff at the start of your session.

Computer access for people with a disability

All of our computers have accessibility software. This helps people with disabilities to use them. Every library also has access to a range of specialist equipment and at least 1 computer is suitable for wheelchair users.

Speakers: our computers don't have speakers. You will need to bring your own headphones to make use of accessibility software or other sound-based facilities.

Help using computers

If you are new to using computers there are several ways we can help.

Free computer course

Learn my way is a free computer course which will teach you how to do things such as use a computer, browse the web, send an email and find work online. Ask your local library for details.

IT buddy sessions

In some libraries, volunteers are available to help you:

  • get online
  • with basic problems
  • access information
  • complete relevant forms online. Our volunteers cannot provide advice or complete forms and payments for you.

Contact your local library for more details or to book a session.

Borrow an iPad

If you cannot visit a library because of ill health, disability or your caring responsibilities, try out our Touch a New World scheme (PDF, 130.7 KB):

  • borrow a library iPad for up to 8 weeks
  • receive one to one guided training in your own home from a dedicated volunteer
  • use the internet for yourself

There are a range of other services across Kent to help you get online.

Stay safe online

Make sure you're aware of the risks of using the internet and how to manage them by reading our information about online safety.

Internet usage policy

Before using the internet or wifi network in our libraries you must accept our acceptable internet usage policy (PDF, 19.4 KB).