Alcohol and drug support

Alcohol and drug misuse causes a wide range of problems for families and communities as well as for the person with the alcohol or drug problem.

To help, we provide effective and accessible preventative information, treatment, support and recovery services. The benefits of treatment are:

  • individuals can get help to reduce their alcohol or drug use and improve their physical and mental health
  • families can be supported to cope with problems caused by alcohol or drugs
  • communities benefit for less alcohol or drug related crime and anti-social behaviour.

In Kent there are a number of organisations that provide drug and alcohol treatment, including:

  • advice and information
  • drop in services
  • structured treatment services
  • counselling
  • medical treatments for drug or alcohol withdrawal
  • harm reduction techniques and information.

Most adults starting treatment will refer themselves. This can be done through your GP, health professional or by contacting a local treatment centre. When you speak to the support services you will have someone who will get to know you and your situation so you have the right kind of treatment and help.

To access local support and treatment services:

You can also read advice on Public Health England's One You website about drinking.

For a few young people, drug and alcohol experimentation can or will become a dependency. Support and treatment services can support and help them before it becomes a way of life.

In Kent, an organisation called Addaction provide structured support including:

  • the chance to speak to someone about how drugs and alcohol affect you and those around you
  • information, support and advice
  • options about lifestyles and choices
  • links to other support services
  • community detox or substitute prescribing.

Young people can be referred into treatment services by parents, social workers and health professionals, as well as referring themselves.

To refer a young person, or to access support and treatment services:

If you are a professional go to our information for professionals section to get:

  • referral advice
  • statistics and performance data
  • strategies.