Local account - what we've done

Between January 2022 and December 2022, the directorate had 172,423 contacts relating to 55,423 individuals; of those 49,475 were initial contacts. Our staff supported 36,907 people in the following ways:

  • 19,515 care needs assessments for 16,212 people; 15,903 occupational therapy assessments and 8,296 Deprivation of Liberty assessments.
  • 19,668 reviews of a care and support plan for 14,195 people.
  • Receiving 14,538 safeguarding concerns and completing 6,538 enquiries, with 93% of completed enquiries having the risk removed or reduced.

8,198 people received enablement services and 62% no longer needed support after the service.

24% of people arrange their own support with a direct payment, consistent with national figures.

Over 6,000 people drawing on technology-enabled care services each month.

32,421 Blue Badge parking permits were issued, keeping people mobile and independent.

10% increase in people who identified themselves as carers drawing support from adult social care.

7.36% increase in people supported by Kent County Council Adult Social Care with mental health needs.

A key part of how we aim to measure the achievement of our vision in Kent, is to increase access to self-directed support - that includes making more people aware of direct payments. To do this, we need to understand what people want, so we can shape our self directed support offer and give people more choice, control and flexibility to get better outcomes for themselves.

We hosted a series of ‘game changer events’ with staff and people we support to empower them to choose direct payments, and give them opportunities for feedback and input. We also developed self-directed support training for staff to build on their knowledge and encourage its promotion to people they are working with.

Watch this short video on our in-person event held in February 2022 in Ashford, and hear what the key themes of the day were. You can also watch our other video which features powerful messages about what direct payments mean to people in Kent.

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