1. Apply for a search of the register

    Find out if land is registered as a village green or common land.

  2. Search for an activity

    Search for clubs and activities that are provided at your local library.

  3. Search adult education courses

    Search courses in Kent by subject, location or course code.

  4. Search for help at home

    Search for organisations who provide home care services in your area, including meals on wheels.

  5. Search all library activities

    Search by library or by type of activity.

  6. Choosing a school

    Find out more about schools you're interested in before you decide which ones to apply for.

  7. CON29 requests

    Find out how to complete a CON29 request as part of a local authority search/ check.

  8. Find a food bank

    Find your nearest food bank

  9. County councillors

    The council is made up of elected councillors and is Conservative controlled. Search for your councillor by postcode or area.

  10. Accessibility statement

    Accessibility statement for, including alternative formats (braille, another language), and what we're doing to make our website accessible.

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