1. Accessibility statement

    Accessibility statement for

  2. Look at planning applications and decisions

    Search for and look at mineral, waste, oil, gas and county council planning applications and decisions.

  3. Care homes

    Care homes are for when you can no longer live independently in your own, supported, extra care, or retirement housing.

  4. Choosing a school

    Find out more about schools you're interested in before you decide which ones to apply for.

  5. Find childcare

    Find childcare providers in Kent.

  6. Clubs and activities in libraries

    Meet people, learn skills and find new hobbies. Search for clubs and groups.

  7. Find volunteering opportunities

    Search for a range of volunteering opportunities on the Kent Volunteers and Do-it websites.

  8. CON29 requests

    Find out how to complete a CON29 request.

  9. Protect land against new rights of way and village greens

    Protect your land from new rights of way and village greens by giving us information about your land.

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