Permanent traffic orders

A traffic regulation order (TRO) is a legal document that helps manage traffic flow, speed limits and where you can park.

A TRO is required for:

  • parking places
  • waiting, loading and unloading bays
  • yellow lines
  • one-way streets
  • prohibitions of vehicles
  • vehicle weight restrictions
  • bus lanes
  • cycle lanes.

Each TRO is advertised and consulted on. Anyone can object to, or support, any of the proposed traffic orders.

Your comments must be submitted before the end of the consultation period, which is clearly stated in each order.

At the end of the consultation period, all feedback will be considered for a decision on the implementation of the order.

A final recommendation is made by councillors at a Joint Transportation Board meeting held by district councils.

If there are amendments to the TRO this may need further consultation.

Comment on our proposed traffic orders

Temporary road closures

If you need to close a road temporarily you may need to apply for a temporary traffic regulation order.

Alternatively, find out how you can request changes to your road permanently.