Clean Air Day 2021

Clean Air Day on 17 June has the theme ‘protect our children’s health from air pollution’. It is a moment when thousands of people up and down the country come together to collaboratively voice support, hold events, make pledges and take action on toxic air.

Children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. It not only impacts their health but also their ability to learn. The damage can start in the womb and carry on through to old age. As we return to our lives, we must take this opportunity to create a clean air environment where they can learn and play safely.

What you can do

To find out how you can help visit the Clean Air Day website.

There are Clean Air Day free resources, which can be used by individuals, schools, businesses and communities to run events and get ideas.

Find out what you can do to reduce your emissions and protect your health by calculating your air pollution contribution.

What we're doing

Together with Medway Council, and Kent's 12 district and borough councils, we are part of the Kent and Medway Air Quality Partnership. We support the other local authorities in this partnership to meet their legal duties to monitor and take action to address areas of poor air quality.

Find out more about air quality in Kent.

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