Renew your older or disabled person's bus pass

Older person's bus pass renewal

We will automatically renew your older person’s bus pass 2 weeks before your current one expires if you have used it:

  • in Kent
  • since 1 June 2019
  • on a bus with an electronic pass reader (smart bus).

Before your pass expires, we may send you a letter inviting you to renew it manually.

I have received a letter

If you have received a letter from us and would like to renew your pass, make sure you have your current bus pass number to hand and renew your pass on the My Bus Pass website. If you have moved house since the last time you were sent a bus pass, you will be able to tell us about your change of address at the same time as renewing your pass. We will need to see evidence of your new address.

I haven't received a letter

If you haven't received a letter, we will send your new pass out automatically about 2 weeks before your old one is due to expire. You don't have to do anything, unless you have moved since we sent you your last pass. If so, please let us know you’ve moved as soon as possible so that we can send your new pass to your new address. You may need to provide proof of your new address.

If your pass is due to expire in 2 weeks and you haven't received a new one, visit MyBusPass to renew manually. You'll need your current pass in order to renew. If you do not have your current pass, then please contact us.

Pass expired in 2021

If your pass expired on 31 March 2021 you can still renew your bus pass.

Pass no longer required

Please let us know if you no longer require a bus pass.

Disabled person's bus pass renewal

If you have a disabled person’s pass which is due to expire in March, we will write to you to tell you how to renew it.

If you have received your letter already and are ready to renew your pass, please visit the My Bus Pass website to renew. You will not be able to use My Bus Pass to renew your pass unless it expired in March 2020 or March 2021. You will need your current bus pass number (printed on the front of your pass) and up to date evidence that you are still eligible for a bus pass.

About your new pass

You can start using your new pass immediately, just like you would with a new debit/credit card.

Your old pass will stop working as soon as your new one is used on a bus. Please destroy your old pass immediately in the same way you would do with an old debit or credit card.