Replace an older or disabled person's bus pass

If your bus pass is lost or damaged, you can order a replacement bus pass online for £10. Please make sure your pass is lost before ordering a replacement, as we are unable to reinstate cancelled passes or refund the £10 charge, even if you find your old pass.

We'll send your pass to the address we have on file for you, so you need to make sure you tell us if you've moved house. If not, your pass will be sent to your old address and (if you can’t retrieve it from there) you'll need to pay for another replacement. Let us know you've moved house by completing our change of address form.

Replace your lost or damaged bus pass

If your pass has been stolen and you have a crime reference number (not a police lost property reference), we will replace it free of charge. Call us on 03000 41 83 83. If you do not have a crime reference number you will need to pay the £10 replacement fee.

When you order a replacement pass, we cancel your old one and it will no longer work. If you try to use your old pass after it has been cancelled, it will be confiscated by the bus driver.

Found pass

If you have found a lost bus pass please contact one of our staff:

Faulty pass

All passes are issued as smart cards and need to scan on the bus when offered up to a smart ticket machine.  If they do not scan then they need to be replaced and a £10 fee will apply.

If you think that the reason for the failure to scan relates to a fault with the pass rather than how it has been looked after, your pass can be returned for testing but the £10 fee will still initially apply. In the event that the pass is found to be faulty, we will refund your replacement fee. Cards which show visible damage or are found to fail because they have not been properly cared for will not be tested. Passes can be returned by post to ENCTS, Contact Point, Invicta House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XX.

If it is found to be sub-standard then we will refund your replacement fee.