Apply for a highways permit or licence

The way you apply for a highways licence is changing from 23 August. Find out about the changes to make sure you are ready.

Roads and pavements should be kept clear and safe as much as possible. Sometimes work and events mean a highway may need to be closed or partially closed. This requires a licence.

Some applications can be done online and for others you will need to request a form and post it back to us.

If your licence request involves a road under the Kent Lane Rental Scheme, we will advise you of any additional cost.

If you have any questions before completing an application please call us on 03000 41 81 81.

You can view details of all current and planned permits on

Apply online

Request a form to apply

  • A-boards on the highway
  • Apparatus in the highway
  • Attachments to street lights
  • Banners, cables, decorative lighting or bunting over the highway
  • Cranes and mobile working platforms
  • Cultivation or landscaping of the highway
  • Dropped kerbs
  • Hoarding or site fencing on the highway
  • Maintaining apparatus in the highway
  • Materials on the highway
  • Sewer connections
  • Road closures
  • Traffic signals temporary

To request an application form for these services, email

We are currently unable to accept postal applications or payments by cheque. Continue to submit your application by email and we will contact you to advise how to pay.

We are working to bring online applications to as many of our forms as possible.

Apply through your district council

Highways contractors and consultants

To carry out Section 278 work on Kent Highway land you must be approved (not required for vehicle crossovers / drop kerbs)

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