Volunteer with youth justice

As a volunteer, you will be involved in chairing a meeting where a young person who has committed an offence, their parent/carer, community panel members and sometimes the victim of the offence discuss the impact of the offence on the victim. This role is known as a Restorative Justice Panel Member. The young person is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, undertake some reparation to make amends for the offence and agree a contract to address offending behaviour, other issues the young person may face, and assist the young person to re-integrate into the community.

You will receive full training and will need to commit to 10 training days. Because of the investment of the training, you will be required to make a commitment to volunteering for a minimum of 18 months.

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Apply online

If you need further information or support with your application, email tina.mallard@kent.gov.uk or telephone 03000 417128.