Benefits of volunteering with us

People volunteer for a range of reasons, and each volunteering opportunity provides its own unique experience. Volunteering can help you to:

  • develop new skills and experience
  • enhance your CV
  • gain valuable references
  • meet new people
  • make a difference to other people’s lives
  • build your confidence in the workplace.

What we offer

It is important that you get the most out of volunteering with us. We will:

  • introduce you to the organisation and provide you with a staff contact
  • offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer, treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • match your skills and life experience with the right role wherever possible, listening to your motivations and aspirations
  • offer appropriate training and support for your role
  • listen to what you have to say, encouraging two-way communication
  • reimburse any reasonable out of pocket expenses
  • apply our complaints procedure should there be a problem
  • ensure your health, safety and welfare as a volunteer
  • provide access to trained members of staff to support, guide and advise you
  • offer fair, honest and timely feedback on your volunteer work
  • provide information about our policies and procedures.

Your commitment to us

As a volunteer, we will expect you to:

  • aim for high standards of efficiency, reliability and quality in your volunteering
  • support, respect and adhere to our organisational policies, guidelines and management decisions including all aspects of health and safety, Data Protection and our Equality and Diversity Policy Statement
  • act responsibly and within the law
  • have the best experience by getting involved and most importantly enjoying your volunteering
  • let us know if there are any changes in your personal circumstances that may affect your volunteering
  • let us know if you are unable to fulfil your volunteering commitment, or if you no longer wish to volunteer with us
  • return your identity card, car parking permit (if applicable) and any other equipment belonging to us before, or on, your last day of volunteering.