Wildlife and wildflowers at Trosley Country Park


Trosley Country Park is famous for its colourful displays of bluebells in the summer. Stroll through the woodlands to find the beautiful flowers in bloom.

You’ll also be able to spot several species of wild orchid, including:

  • pyramidal
  • fragrant
  • bee orchid.


Trosley Country Park is home to a rich variety of fascinating wildlife, some of which you’ll be able to spot during your visit.


Many birds make Trosley Country Park their home, but there are several species that are particularly interesting. These include:

  • great spotted woodpecker
  • lesser spotted woodpecker
  • green woodpecker
  • hawfinch
  • nightingale
  • nuthatch
  • spotted fly-catcher
  • white throat.


Bats are harder to spot, but if you’re lucky enough to see one, it might be one of the four species that have made the park their home:

  • common pipistrelle
  • noctule bat
  • soprano pipistrelle
  • brown long-eared bat
  • serotine bat.

Other mammals

The slopes at Trosley Country Park are perfect for badgers to make their setts. Dormice, yellow-necked mice and common and pygmy shrews can be found throughout the park.


The grassland at Trosley is a great place to spot butterflies, especially during the spring and summer. Many sightings have been recorded, including:

  • chalkhill blue
  • dark green fritillary
  • dingy skipper
  • grizzled skipper
  • white-letter hairstreak
  • purple emperor
  • adonis blue.

Read our Trosley Country Park Management Plan (PDF, 10.4 MB) to find out more about the wildlife at the park.