What happens when you report a business

The Citizens Advice consumer service (CACS) will send details of your report to your local Trading Standards service. A copy is also sent to the local Trading Standards service where the business is based.

What will Trading Standards do with your complaint?

All complaints received from CACS are added to our intelligence database to allow us to target our resources at those criminals causing the most detriment to Kent consumers. As we focus our resources on this criminal activity identified on the analysis of this intelligence, it is unlikely you will receive a call about your complaint unless it is part of an ongoing investigation.

If you have more information about your complaint for Trading Standards

If you have more information to add to your complaint, you can contact CACS using the details above as many times as you need to. Each time you call the advisor will send an update to Trading Standards.

If you need advice about your complaint

CACS advisors are fully trained to give advice on the law and to give you practical solutions on how you can resolve your complaint with the trader. Advisors can also identify if a trader has potentially broken the law. If required, advisors will explain how the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process works which is often a cheaper and quicker solution than court action.

All members of the KCC Trading Standards Checked Scheme have agreed to use Kent County Council's ADR scheme if a consumer wishes to use ADR.