University Technical College places

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) cater for children from year 10 onwards. Currently, the only UTC in Kent is Leigh UTC in Dartford, but there are others in neighbouring boroughs that you can apply for if you live in Kent.

List of UTC schools in other local authorities (PDF, 65.0 KB)


Applications for children due to start in a UTC in September 2020 open on 2 September 2019 and close on 31 October 2019.

Applying to Leigh UTC

Leigh UTC have a supplementary information form that needs to be completed and sent directly to the school. The form is available on the Leigh UTC website.

If you are applying to Leigh UTC for current year 10 and 11 outside of the normal application dates, you must apply for an in year admission.

Leigh UTC are providing a tour of their facilities every Wednesday between 2pm and 5pm for students who are interested in joining them in year 10 or 12. To book a place, call 01322 626600.

Offer day

Offers will be made on 2 March 2020 via first class post

For advice call 03000 41 21 21 or email