Move to a different school

If your child is at primary, junior or secondary school and you want to move them to a different school, you need to apply. This is called an in-year admission.

There is no guarantee that your preferred school/s will be able to offer your child a place. You should not remove your child from their current school before you have an offer of a place at another school.

Parents are advised to consider transport implications before approaching any school for a place. Transport assistance is only provided where parents apply to schools in line with our transport criteria. We are unable to advise parents of the availability of school places outside of our boundaries. If you live near to the border, your nearest school may be in another local authority’s area. Please ensure you check with neighbouring local authorities before applying for school places, as this may impact your child’s eligibility for free school transport.

If you are looking to move schools in year 10 and 11, the curriculum is often already set. Therefore, before making an application it is important that you explore the curriculum offer at your preferred school, as it may not align with the curriculum or exam awarding bodies at your previous school.

You need to apply for an in-year admission if you want to move your child from:

  • a primary school to a different primary school
  • a primary school to an infant or junior school
  • an infant school to a different infant school
  • an infant school to a primary school (schools will start processing in-year applications for year 3 places from 1 July 2015)
  • a junior school to a different junior school
  • a junior school to a primary school
  • a secondary school to a different secondary school.

You do not need to apply for an in-year admission if your child is:


Please ensure you have read KCC’s Admissions privacy notice before you apply for a school place.

Please keep a record of all communication with the school in case you need support from us later.

You live in Kent and want to apply for a school in Kent

Complete the In Year Admissions Form (PDF, 303.3 KB) and send it to the school you're applying to.

You need to fill in a separate form for each child and for each school you want to apply to.

You live in Kent and want to apply for a school outside Kent

Contact the In Year Admissions team via email at Please provide your child's name, date of birth and current address including postcode for assistance.

You don't live in Kent and want to apply for a school in Kent

Complete the In Year Admissions Form (PDF, 303.3 KB) and send it to the school you're applying to.

You need to fill in a separate form for each child and for each school you want to apply to.

You should also contact your own local authority to keep them informed.

If you are moving to the United Kingdom and wish to attend a Kent school email to discuss your application.

Children in care

For children in care with a statement of special educational needs or an education, health and care (EHC) plan being placed with carers in Kent, it is important the social worker contacts the relevant special educational needs area team if the child is moving to a different school.

For children in care without an EHCP, who are wishing to be placed into a Kent mainstream school by another local authority, please read the guidance how to apply. If you are the corporate parent (social worker or a virtual school) email to discuss moving the child to a different school.

Children with an education health and care (EHC) plan

If you are moving into Kent and have been provided with an EHC plan from your previous local authority or in the process of an EHC needs assessment, find out what to do before you move.

Children of members of the UK Armed Forces or Crown Servants

If you are a member of the UK Armed Forces or a Crown Servant, with a confirmed posting to Kent, you can apply for an in year admission to a Kent school by completing an In Year Admissions Form (PDF, 303.3 KB) and sending it direct to your preferred schools. You must include an official letter that declares a relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address with your application.

Where a school is able to offer a place, they will honour that place for 3 months. This can mean that a place can be kept open for the next academic year providing your child/children will start within the 3 month period. If the place has not been taken up at the end of the 3 months, the school may offer it to another child. If this happens, the school will inform you that the place is no longer available and you will need to make a new application for a school place. The school may choose to add your child's name to their waiting list if they have one.

Moving to a grammar school

If you move to Kent after Kent Test has taken place and want a Year 7 place at a grammar school, your child will still need to be assessed. This can be arranged through the grammar school you are applying for. Until the end of the first term in the school year, all grammar schools will use the Kent Test. This will give you an assessment which is valid for any grammar school in the Kent County Council area.

If your child has not already been tested and you are looking for a year 7 place after the first term in the school year, or a place in a different year group, the grammar school will use its own assessment process. If you apply for more than one grammar school your child will need to take a different test for each grammar school you apply for.


The school should offer you a place within 5 days if:

  • they have all the information they need
  • they have a place available
  • your child meets the entry requirements
  • no other child has a higher priority for the place.

If your child has been permanently excluded from more than 2 schools, the school may refuse to offer a place. Please contact us for help if this applies to you.

If you are applying for a place at a grammar school, the school will get in touch with you about any testing arrangements.

If your child is not offered a place

If you applied for an in year admission but were not offered a place you can: