Expenses policy for senior staff

We publish details of the salaries of our directors, as well as the expenses they incur in the process of carrying out their jobs.


We have a clear policy about what can be claimed as expenses, and our expenses policy applies to all staff. The types of expenses reimbursed include:

  • the cost of train fares, petrol, taxis parking and tolls when travelling to different locations
  • the cost of any meals that need to be purchased while working away from their usual location
  • overnight accommodation if staff are required to work away and require accommodation.

View our expenses policy (PDF, 22.1 KB) for more information and go to our director pages to view their individual details.

All expenses claimed are subject to audit and any relevant legislation or agreements with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

Gifts and hospitality

Our staff do not accept significant personal gifts from contractors, clients or outside suppliers, as this could be viewed as a compromise to their impartiality.

Some minor articles may be accepted when appropriate, and when this happens, these must be authorised by senior managers and recorded on a gifts and hospitality register. Offers of hospitality are only accepted if there is a genuine need to impart information or represent Kent County Council in the community and where any decisions are not and will not be compromised.

Offers to attend purely social or sporting functions are accepted only when these are part of the life of the community or where Kent County Council should be seen to be represented. They are also recorded in advance of the event in the directorate’s hospitality and gifts register.

Healthcare insurance

All members of the Corporate Management Team have the option of joining our healthcare scheme, the Senior Officers Medical Insurance scheme, if they do the full cost of membership is met by them - they have to pay their own medical insurance premiums.