Corporate Management Team

Our Corporate Management Team consists of corporate directors who represent our main directorates. They provide:

  • the managerial leadership and direction of the council
  • the formal response to Cabinet policy direction
  • council-wide policy and initiatives for Cabinet consideration
  • co-ordination and commissioning of council-wide activity, planning, programme management.

They are responsible for a budget of £2.4 billion and more than 12,000 staff (excluding school staff). They lead a complex organisation that works in partnership with other public agencies, local business and the voluntary and community sector.

Who they are

  • Photograph of David CockburnDavid Cockburn
    Head of Paid Service/Corporate Director of Strategic and Corporate Services. Includes finance, human resources, information and communication technology, governance and law, property and infrastructure support, policy and strategic partnerships, and business intelligence.

  • Photograph of Matt DunkleyMatt Dunkley CBE
    Corporate Director Children, Young People and Education. Includes preventative services, education planning and access and education quality and standards.

  • Photograph of Richard SmithRichard Smith
    Corporate Director Adult Social Care and Health.

  • Photograph of Simon JonesSimon Jones
    Corporate Director Growth, Environment and Transport. Includes economic development, highways, transportation and waste and environment, planning and enforcement.

  • Photograph of Alison DuggalAllison Duggal
    Interim Director of Public Health. Includes health improvement, health protection, intelligence and research and commissioning and performance.

  • Photograph of Amanda BeerAmanda Beer
    Corporate Director People and Communications. Includes human resources, organisational development, health and safety, consultation, marketing, media relations and customer contact.

  • Photograph of Zena CookeZena Cooke
    Corporate Director Finance. Includes finance, audit and risk.

  • Photograph of Benjamin WattsBenjamin Watts
    General Counsel