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November 20191,039,616804,052450,21356%
October 20191,242,712960,496546,63959%
September 20191,143,093893,645502,28461%
August 20191,060,601830,801475,16366%
July 20191,246,905968,834536,87363%
June 20191,110.615870,704489,31261%
May 20191,023,888804,958468,29661%
April 20191,037,757817,448480,65363%
March 20191,057,292826,796475,07758%
February 2019890,636701,773416,60658%
January 20191,087,500860,646516,50758%
December 2018696,934559,662345,42960%
November 2018956,598749,265431,72555%

* Mobile devices includes smartphones and tablets.


Page views

Page views are recorded when:

  • a visitor hits the back button
  • hits refresh
  • a page is opened in the browser (regardless of whether it has been cached).

Unique views

Records how many times a page has been viewed by 1 visit. If a visitor views that page more than once in a session it is still recorded as just 1 unique view.


A visit is a series of page views that a single visitor makes at a time. A visit ends after the visitor either closes the browser or is inactive for 30 minutes. (The timeout length is customisable and is determined by cookies.)

Top 10 most accessed pages for November 2019

  1. Homepage
  2. Primary school places
  3. Term dates
  4. Roadworks
  5. College, sixth form, employment and training
  6. Contact us
  7. Libraries
  8. Jobs
  9. Search for courses
  10. School age

Top 10 external search phrases for November 2019

  1. kent county council
  2. kent choices
  3. kcc jobs
  4. kcc
  5. kent county council jobs
  6. kent library
  7. kent libraries
  8. kent highways
  9. kcc self service
  10. kent roadworks