Visiting a Household Waste Recycling Centre

New charging policy for non-Kent residents

From 1 April 2023, non-Kent residents (which includes those who live in Medway) will be required to pay £10 per visit to use one of the 19 KCC Household Waste Recycling Centres.

See our cross border charging policy for more details.

To visit one of our household waste recycling centres (HWRC) you must book a slot in advance.

Book your slot

Read more about booking a slot to visit one of our HWRCs and what information you need to provide below.

Before you visit a HWRC, have you checked you're doing all you can to reduce, reuse and recycle your household waste?

Restricted vehicles

If you drive a restricted vehicle, you must apply for a vehicle voucher before booking a slot. Find out whether your vehicle is restricted and how to get a voucher.

Please note all our HWRCs have a 2m (6’ 6”) height barrier.

Medway HWRC bookings

Medway Council no longer permit Kent residents (who do not pay their Council Tax to Medway Council) to use any of the 3 Medway Council operated HWRCs (Capstone HWRC, Cuxton HWRC and Hoath Way HWRC).

Residents who live outside Kent

If you live outside of Kent, from 1 April 2023, you will have to pay £10 per visit. Read our cross border policy for more details.

To visit you must book a slot using our online booking form.

You can:

  • book an on the day slot
  • attend as many times as you want through multiple bookings
  • only bring household waste
  • book up to 1 month in advance
  • only attend the HWRC you book a slot for.

We will ask for your:

  • name
  • email address
  • postal address
  • vehicle make, model and registration.

Book your slot

If you cannot access the online booking system, call 03000 41 73 73 (Text Relay 18001 03000 41 73 73).

To find out how we'll use the information you provide, read our privacy notice.

After booking

Once you have booked you will receive an email confirming:

  • slot date and time
  • reference number.

Your reference number is required when you visit on the day, or you need to cancel or rearrange.

To cancel or rearrange your reservation, click the cancellation link at the bottom of your confirmation email.

If you have repeated unused bookings, you may be restricted in the future if you don't cancel them.

Your registration number cannot be changed on your booking. If you need to use a different vehicle (non-restricted vehicles only, unless you have a valid vehicle voucher), please take your booking reference with you and explain to site staff on arrival.

Please note, any vehicle used must adhere to site policies.

Before your visit, make sure you bring your:

  • booking reference number, displayed on either a smartphone, a printed statement or a handwritten note
  • valid vehicle voucher with you (if applicable).

Delays in accessing our HWRCs

You should make sure you arrive within your booking time slot.

There may be occasions where you are asked to wait whilst operations are carried out on site – your booking is still valid, so please be patient with our team.

Your health and safety

When you arrive on site you will be directed onto site and given guidance on which bins are suitable for the waste you have brought.

You will need to unload your waste and put it in the appropriate bins. Please ensure you load your vehicle in a manner that allows you to empty your vehicle at the HWRC.

Our site staff may help customers where possible but they must not lift or remove heavy builders bags or hippo bags as they are not designed to be moved manually. In accordance with our Equalities Impact Assessment, assistance arrangements can be made for customers requiring support due to a protected characteristic including age, disability or pregnancy by selecting ‘assistance request’ when booking.

Please continue to respect others who may wish to maintain social distance, both other customers and staff.

Terms and conditions of visiting

When visiting, you must note that:

  • abusive behaviour towards staff or other customers will not be tolerated and you could be banned
  • centre rules must be adhered to
  • those who do not comply may be asked to leave and may be banned
  • we reserve the right to request proof of residency to visit a KCC HWRC
  • the centre may have to close temporarily or for longer periods with no warning if required
  • security measures will be in place at the sites and body worn cameras will be used as required to ensure customers and staff safety
  • any flytipped items left outside centre entrances or access roads is a crime. You can report flytpping online
  • our operating policies when visiting.

The disposal of all general household waste or green garden waste is free of charge.

Find out what you can bring to our HWRCs.

Chargeable waste

However, the following wastes are chargeable:

  • breeze blocks, bricks, cement, concrete and drain pipes
  • ceramic bathroom and kitchen items (baths, bidets, cisterns, shower trays, sinks, toilet pans, wash basins)
  • flagstones, granite, marble, paving slabs
  • hardcore, rubble, gravel, rocks, stones
  • plasterboard
  • sand
  • soil
  • tiles (ceramic, clay, slate)
  • tyres.

Learn more about our charges.

Alternatively find out how you can recycle some of your household waste recycling products or contact your local borough or district council kerbside collection information.

Business waste

Business waste is not accepted at the HWRCs. This waste must be taken to a transfer station, permitted waste station or pay a licensed company to collect it.

COVID-19 waste

If you are disposing of waste contaminated or potentially contaminated with COVID-19, please:

  • double bag the material
  • store the bag securely for 72 hours.

You must follow the above before bringing this waste to the centre or putting it out for kerbside collection.

The booking system was introduced during the first lockdown in 2020 to ensure social distancing at the HWRCs without causing queues of traffic outside.

Following a public consultation held in 2021, and a debate at the Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee, the Cabinet Member for Environment has taken the decision to keep the booking system on a permanent basis.

The booking system was kept in place following the lockdown restrictions ending because:

  • it has virtually eliminated queueing at our HWRCs
  • we have improved our original booking system in response to resident feedback
  • residents have said they like the convenience and certainty of a booked slot
  • it has not resulted in an influx of fly-tipping.

In Kent, fly-tipping has reduced slightly. This finding accords with the experiences of other authorities that have a booking system and is reflected in the results of a national report commissioned by Defra, which concludes there is no evidence to suggest a link between HWRC booking systems and an increase in flytipping.

You can also read about the booking system and visiting a HWRC in our HWRC frequently asked questions document (PDF, 108.4 KB).