Blue Badge

The Blue Badge scheme helps you park nearer to your destination if you’re disabled.

  • Apply or renew

    You can apply for your first Blue Badge or renew your existing badge using the same form.

    You can renew your badge if it expires in the next 8 to 12 weeks.

    Apply online

    Apply or renew now

    After you apply

    Change or cancel your application

    Track your application

    It can take up to 11 weeks to process your application. Please make sure your form is properly completed and you've sent us all the documents we need (see "What to send").

    Medway, Bromley or Bexley residents: please visit your local council's website.

    Apply by post

    Download the Blue Badge form (PDF, 163.1 KB) or email us at to ask for a form.

  • Cost

    Blue Badges cost £10 whether it's your first one or you're renewing or replacing it.

    If you apply online: pay by card.

    If you apply by post: pay by cheque or postal order or call us to pay by card.

    Paying by card is quickest and easiest.

    Make cheques payable to Kent County Council.

  • Who can get one

    You can apply for yourself, for someone else or for your organisation.

    Check eligiblility

    You automatically qualify if:

    • you receive higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance
    • or you receive War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
    • or you receive Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) award, tariffs 1-8 and have been assessed by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) as having a permanent and substantial disability that causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty walking
    • or you are registered as blind under the National Assistance Act 1948 (partially sighted people do not automatically qualify)
    • you receive the enhanced rate of Mobility under the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

    You may qualify if:

    • you have a child under 3 years old and need to transport bulky medical equipment for urgent treatment, or always be near a vehicle so they can be treated or driven to a place for treatment for a permanent illness
    • or you drive a vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms and can't work or have considerable difficulty working parking meters
    • or have a permanent and substantial disability which affects your mobility and means you have considerable difficulty in walking.

    Mobility assessment

    We may ask you to come to an independent mobility assessment if we can't decide based on your application. It is just to assess your mobility, not your general health. It's free and carried out by a qualified professional.

    Hospice patients

    If you are receiving treatment from a hospice, they should use their official stamp on the address section of the form so we can prioritise the application.

    Contact your hospice for more information.

  • What to send

    If you apply online you'll receive an email with a reference number. Print it off and send it with your documents or write the number on a covering letter.

    Send us:

    • 1 recent passport size photograph (taken in the last 6 months)
    • a copy of a document confirming your address, dated within the last 12 months
    • a copy of a document proving your identity
    • proof of any benefit that means you qualify automatically
    • recent medical evidence of your disability
    • a cheque or postal order for £10 made payable to Kent County Council (if you haven't paid online or by phone).

    There's more detail on the application form about which documents to send.

    Send your documents by email or by post to:

    • The Blue Badge Service, Kent County Council Contact Centre, Invicta House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XX

    If you don't have the documents

    Email us at and we can discuss things with you.


    Your application will be sent back to you if you don't pay enough postage.

  • Using your Blue Badge

    • Only you can use your Blue Badge. You are responsible for it.
    • Make sure it's displayed properly so people can see it.
    • It is illegal to use your badge after its expiry date.
    • You may be fined up to £1000 or lose your badge if you don't stick to the law.

    Find out more about where you can park and how to use your Blue Badge correctly.

    Report misuse of a Blue Badge.


    You can use your Blue Badge in all European countries and make use of the same parking concessions as the country's own citizens with disability.

    Holders and parking clocks

    Order form for holders and parking clocks (PDF, 144.8 KB)

    Blue Badge holders, tax disc holders and parking clocks all cost £2.50.

    Returning a Blue Badge

    If the Blue Badge is no longer needed, for example if the badge holder has died, you can:

    • hand in the Blue Badge when you register the death, or
    • return the Blue Badge to The Blue Badge Service, Kent County Council Contact Centre, Invicta House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XX.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged


    Contact us for a replacement form by emailing or calling 03000 41 62 62.


    Report it to the police, who'll give you a crime number.

    Then contact us for a replacement form by emailing or calling 03000 41 62 62.

    Faded badge or name change

    Contact us for a replacement form as above.


    Replacements cost £10.