Kent Permit Scheme

All work that takes place on a Kent road needs a permit.

The scheme manages Kent's road network by planning and scheduling all work on the highways. By using this scheme road users have less disruption but the work can still happen.

If you need more information please email

Types of permits

TypeDescriptionMinimum application time before proposed start dateKCC response time
Provisional advance authorisationNeeded before you apply for a major permit.3 months1 month
Major*You need provisional advance authorisation before you apply for this.

For work that lasts 11 or more days or needs a temporary traffic order.
10 days5 days
StandardFor work that lasts between 4 and 10 working days.10 days5 days
MinorFor work that lasts 3 working days of less.3 days2 days
ImmediateFor emergency or urgent work.2 hours after2 days

How to apply

Apply for a permit through an electronic transfer of notice (EToN) system.

If you have any questions please contact us:


Street reinstatement category0,1 and 23 and 43 and 4
Street sensitivityAll streetsTraffic sensitive at some times and locationsNot traffic sensitive
Time and locationAny time and locationAny part during traffic sensitive times at traffic sensitive locationsMostly during non traffic sensitive times / locationsAny time and location
Provisional advance authorisation£87£87£73£73
Amendment fee: £45
Amendment fee: £45
Amendment fee: £45
Amendment fee: £35

Download a copy of the current fees (PDF, 52.8 KB)

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