Young person's travel pass

Weekday bus travel in Kent for 11-16 year olds.

When you can apply

We are only accepting applications for second half year passes for the 2016-17 academic year. The last day applications for 2016-17 passes can be made is Friday 26 May 2017.

All applications received will be processed within 28 working days of receipt.

Applications for September 2017 are open from Monday 5 June. To guarantee the pass can be collected from your child's school on the first day of term, you must complete your application by Friday 14 July 2017.

Full details of the new scheme will be available from Monday 29 May 2017.

Apply online

You can apply online if you:

  • are in year 7 to 11 and pay full price for the pass
  • qualify for free school meals.

Before you apply online, make sure that:

  • you have a credit or debit card
  • for new applications, you have access to a passport style photograph in JPEG format of no more than 40KB in file size.

You can't apply online if you are eligible for a free pass or are applying for the third or fourth pass for free. You'll need to apply by post.

Apply by post

Print and complete our young person's travel pass application form (PDF, 693.5 KB).


You can renew your pass using the online and paper forms linked to below. We'll send your pass to your school or college for collection.

You need to renew your child's pass each year but you do not need to send a new photograph.

Renew online

Renew online

You'll need the pass number and the email address you used to register.

You can renew online if:

  • your child is in year 7 - 11 (or has been put forward to year 12 but would normally be in year 11)
  • you pay for your pass and don't qualify for a free pass
  • you haven't changed school, moved house or changed your email address
  • you have moved house, your child has changed school in the last year or you need to update your name, email address, please email before renewing online.

Renew by post

Use the young person's travel pass application form (PDF, 693.5 KB) to renew the pass if you:

  • qualify for a free pass
  • are applying for more than two full cost passes and qualify to get the third or fourth for free
  • don't have a credit or debit card

Send your form and payment to: Public Transport, Kent County Council, PO Box 441, Aylesford, ME6 9HJ.

You'll receive your pass within 28 working days. Terms and conditions (PDF, 81.0 KB) apply.

You can also find information about the pass in our leaflet for parents and students (PDF, 96.6 KB).

  • Young people who live in Kent and are in year 7 - 11 (or put forward to year 12 but would normally be in year 11)
  • 16 - 21 year olds in care or care leavers
  • Young carers who are 16 - 18 and in full time education.

Before you apply you may want to check if you are eligible for our free school transport scheme.

Non-Kent residents

If your child goes to school in Kent but you're not a Kent resident they can't get a young person's travel pass. Please contact your local council.

Once you've paid for and received your pass, bus travel is free.

2016/17 prices

There is an increase to the cost of some types of pass for 2016/17. Our press release explains the decision to increase the cost.

Full year pass (5 September 2016 to 31 July 2017)

  • £270
  • £100 if you get free school meals

Term 1-3 pass (5 September 2016 to 24 February 2017)

  • £135
  • £50 if you get free school meals

Term 4-6 pass (20 February to 31 July 2017)

  • £135
  • £50 if you get free school meals

Make sure you tell us which pass you're applying for.

Free passes

You can get a free pass if you are:

  • a young carer
    (you must get your application endorsed)
  • in care or are a care leaver
    (you must get your application endorsed)
  • applying for more than two full cost passes, you can get the third or fourth for free
    To help households with more than two children, we are offering parents the third or fourth pass for free. To take advantage of this offer, you will need to apply by post (you cannot apply online). Tick the box on each form that indicates you have more than two children and return all of the forms together. You can then deduct the cost of the third or fourth pass from your cheque or postal order (e.g. 2, 3 or 4 full year passes would cost £540). We will then check your details and send you the pass as normal. This offer is not available if any of the passes applied for are at the reduced fee (if you get free school meals) or if you get already get one free.

Getting your application endorsed

If you're in care, a care leaver or a young carer you must get your application endorsed or you'll end up paying the standard £270. Find out who to contact below.

Young carers

Kent Young Carers 17 – 19 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1LS.
Call: 0300 111 1110

If you live in Maidstone you can also contact Crossroads on 01622 817114 or email

In care or care leavers

11 - 16 year olds: ask your case worker to arrange for someone to endorse your application.

17 years old and over: Catch 22 (formerly Rainer Kent Services) must endorse your application.

Your child can collect their pass from school. We don't send passes to your home.

It should be ready for the first day of term if you applied or renewed on time.

We have agreed with bus operators that for the first few days of term 1 and term 4, children who have applied on time and need to collect their new pass from school should be allowed to travel. If they have it, your child should carry their old pass, but anyone who would qualify for the scheme should be allowed to travel without any proof of payment or eligibility.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail or letter as confirmation. There is no longer a need to present a letter for travel and we are therefore not providing them.

Pass not at school

If your child's pass wasn't at the school as expected, please contact us and provide your child's name, date of birth and school.

Email us on or call 03000 41 84 84 (Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm).

Late applications

If you apply or renew late you may have to wait up to 28 working days for us to send the pass to your child's school.

We don't refund fares your child pays whilst waiting for their pass to arrive or provide letters they can show the driver.

You can use your pass on buses between 6am and 7pm, Monday to Friday between the start of the school year and 31 July.

Your bus pass does not entitle you to travel in the school holidays.

Certain bus operators offer additional travel to pass holders outside the 6am to 7pm, Monday to Friday limit:

  • Stagecoach offer a flat fare of £1 to pass holders outside these times, but not between 31 July and the beginning of the September school term.

Stagecoach are also offering people the opportunity to upgrade their young person's travel pass to one which allows free travel on any service at all times, including evenings and weekends and during August. This is through a separate annual ticket which can be purchased through Stagecoach. The cost of the ticket is:

  • £25 per year for young person's travel pass holders
  • £100 per year for people who are entitled to free transport to school.

For further information regarding the additional services and reduced fares offered by Stagecoach, please contact them directly:

Telephone: 03456 00 22 99
(open from 07:30 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday)


See the list of operators you can use your pass with (PDF, 89.0 KB).

Use Traveline or 11-19 travel to plan your bus journey.

Outside of Kent: you can use your pass to travel to counties bordering Kent as long as the journey starts or ends in Kent.

Medway: you can use your pass as long as your journey starts or ends within the Kent County Council administrative area, but you cannot use your pass to make journeys from one Medway point to another Medway point.

Behaviour of pass holders

Download the young person's travel pass code of conduct (PDF, 707.8 KB) .

We can take passes away from anyone who doesn't stick to this code.

Download our terms and conditions (PDF, 81.0 KB).

Special school services and services not covered

You need to pay extra on some special school services. See a list of special school services and services not covered (PDF, 89.0 KB).

To get a replacement pass please contact us with your child's name, address and school.


Call: 03000 41 84 84.

Cost: £10 per replacement

Pay by debit or credit card: Call 03000 41 84 84

Pay cheque or postal order: Make your cheque/postal order payable to Kent County Council and write your child's name, address and school on the back.  Post to: Public Transport, Kent County Council, PO Box 441, Aylesford, ME6 9HJ.

You can have 3 replacement passes per school year.

It can take up to 10 working days to get your temporary replacement pass. In the meantime you'll have to pay the fare. We don't refund fares you pay whilst you're waiting.

Temporary passes

We will send a temporary pass to your home for your child to show the driver whilst you're waiting for your replacement.

We will send the replacement pass to the school before the temporary one runs out.

Found pass

If you have found a bus pass please: