Apply for a KCC Travel Saver

Our office is currently not staffed, we are available to deal with urgent enquiries, but do not have access to post.

Find out the arrangements for getting compensation for passes not used while schools have been shut.

Share the fare with Kent County Council and save up to 50%.

Applications for September passes

We are aiming to open for applications on mid-July and will let you know when you can start to apply. This year, we will be unable to receive postal applications so all applications will need to be made online.

We do not yet know when or how schools will be reopening safely in September, so we know you have a difficult decision to make about if or when to apply for a pass.

If you are uncertain, you might find it useful to think about:

  • how often your child may be attending school for
  • whether it’s more economical to buy a shorter-term or even a daily ticket directly from the bus operator
  • if bus operators offer alternatives
  • what guidance might exist about the use of buses
  • whether this scheme will offer you good value for money given the current circumstances.

Please consider carefully before applying, as we will be unable to issue a refund once the pass has been used.

Apply or renew online

To apply or renew online you need:

  • a laptop, desktop or Mac computer (mobile devices and tablets are not supported)
  • a credit or debit card, or your bank details to set up a Direct Debit.

This year, the Direct Debit application process is fully online, so you won't need to send any part of the application through the post.


New applications require a passport photo which is:

  • saved as a JPEG
  • no larger than 40KB
  • 96 by 134 pixels minimum, 132 by 169 pixels maximum.

Use the online resizing tool to help in your application.


If you have a Young Person's Travel Pass, use the current pass number and get a new KCC Travel Saver. Renew if you have:

  • the pass number of your child's current Young Person's Travel Pass
  • access to the email address you used to register
  • not changed school, moved house or changed your email address.

Changing details

Before you renew online, email with any change of details.

  • Tell us if you have moved house, your child has changed school in the last academic year or you need to update your name or email address.
  • If you want a different photo for your new KCC Travel Saver, email the photo with your child’s name, date of birth and school or include it with your application.