Change rights of way

Remove or divert a right of way

Please email or call us on 03000 41 11 01 if you want to apply to divert or remove a right of way.

We’ll arrange for you to meet a case officer on the land to discuss things before you apply.

Costs: If you’re the landowner you’ll have to pay for us to process your application and make the changes if you’re successful.

Download costs and notes on moving or removing a right of way (PDF, 248.1 KB).

Examples of when you might apply

  • A right of way is no longer needed
  • Diverting or removing it is in the interests of the public or the person owning, renting or occupying the land
  • You want to protect a site of special scientific interest or school security
  • The land is being developed

See the register of path change applications

Download the register of applications to remove or divert rights of way (PDF, 329.9 KB).