How a community connector can support you video transcript

Transcript for the video on the Community Connectors page.

[Caption] Helping over 55s reconnect. Call: 03000 42 20 65.

Video starts with scenes of birds flying and chirping, sunset views across the Kent coast and waves crashing in the sea appear on the screen. Malcolm, a Positive Wellbeing service user, begins to narrate.

Malcolm: Covid put us all in fear of catching something and not mixing with other people. For a long time, it was sort of quite a bit of isolation. Being clinically extremely vulnerable, I was one of the last people who wanted to go anywhere near anyone.

Malcolm sits in his back garden on a bench next to Community Connector Alison. He is talking directly to the camera.

Malcolm: With this Kent County Council Community Connectors coming along and introducing me to this, it’s nice to sort of actually get back out again.

[Caption] Community Connectors provide free one-to-one positive wellbeing support for up to 12 weeks.

Alison: What I found is people who are housebound or have become housebound since Covid simply because they haven’t really ventured far for two years, they’ve lost confidence and that’s a big issue.

Connector Jan appears on screen, she is smiling and talking to a service user. Connector Dave also appears on the screen, speaking to another gentleman involved in the Community Connector project as Alison continues to narrate.

Alison: That’s part of our role as Connectors to sometimes accompany people initially, because it is a bit scary, you know, going somewhere where you don’t know anyone.

Scenes of service users speaking with Connectors and generally enjoying each other's company play in the background.

Malcolm: Kent County Council Community Connectors have opened my eyes to a lot more things in the community that I can go to.

Again, Malcolm appears sat in his back garden on a bench next to Alison. He continues to share his story. Both Malcolm and Alison look happy and content.

Malcolm: I feel more confident in actually going to events in the community, its helped me a lot.

Scenes of service users begin playing again, with the Community Chef shown running a cooking class with very happy attendees, who are also part of the Positive Wellbeing service. Three ladies are seen laughing and talking together as they prepare ingredients.

Malcolm: Yes, I would recommend it. It’s helped me see that there’s a lot more out there, and the Community Connectors are very good at knowing what’s available and pointing people to what suits them.

[Caption] Community Connectors can help you to: tackle loneliness, get involved in your community, learn a new skill or try a new activity, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, achieve a better quality of life, improve your wellbeing.

Malcolm and Alison appear one last time on the bench in Malcolm’s Garden. Malcolm is looking at Alison.

Malcolm: Thank you very much for that invite, I should offer you a cup of tea.

Alison: Yes please!

Malcolm: Did you bring biscuits?

Both Malcolm and Alison laugh together.

[Title card] Call 03000 422 065. Email or visit

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