Tell your health provider about you video transcript

Video transcript for the tell your health provider about you video.

A cartoon image a family sitting down eating breakfast. A boy comes down the stairs, getting his cereal ready about to pour the milk when there is one droplet left.

Voice over: "Isn't it annoying  when you miss out on something everyone else is enjoying?"

Image changes to the boy catching a packed bus, whilst the next bus comes along empty.

Voice over: "When a great opportunity is out there, but you just don't know it at the time!"

Image changes to the family trying to watch football and the tv breaks.

Voice over: "When something really good is happening, but you can't join in."

Images changes to boy walking into a NHS Health Centre , where he talks to a receptionist.

Voice over: "Don't miss out when it comes to your health, if you have a learning disability tell your doctor. They can make changes to the care you get, by making changes to the care you get by offering extra help and making things a bit easier. That includes giving you extra time, easy read information and appointments that suit you. And importantly, you could get a free health check every year.

This information can be shared with other doctors and nurses, so they can make things easier too. It's simple, just go to your local GP service and tell them that you have a learning disability. They'll take care of the rest."

Image changes to boy bringing his friend along to the appointment

Voice over: "Remember you can take someone else to come along and support you. Be healthy. Be happy. Don't miss out. Find out more at

Title card: #DontMissOut

Mencap  - the voice of learning disability.