Kent Sheds video transcript

[Caption] Community focus, Kent People, Kent Sheds, Dover boat shed

From their boat in Dover, Nic and Tony are speaking about their experiences with the Kent Shed programme.

Nic: It's a place where you can come and you can have a bit of sense of belonging.

Tony: We are a slightly odd one as our shed is a boat. We're about 40% non-sailing, 60% sailing and we get a huge variety; male, female, all sorts of ages - not just the older types like me. It's about extending your network of friends and you know a friend can be from any background.

Nic: Now I've retired and it seemed a natural sort of part of my journey to be coming back to be involved in in this boat-shed thing which has got enormous potential to help people's well-being; in terms of being with others doing activities of interest, to learning a new skill.

Tony: Sailing by its very nature tends to be an interdependent group activity, and
there's a lot of people particularly those with a military background, whether its recent or distant,  who will enjoy being back in a set of circumstances where they're working as part of a team - or if it's a boat, it's a crew.