Kent Graduate Programme video transcript

[Caption] Kent County Council Graduate Programme

Video commences with a close-up shot of the County Hall sign.

Three young professionals are walking towards County Hall in Maidstone in order to enter the building.

[Caption] Fil Kamps, Children, Young People and Education graduate

Fil is sitting down to present the opening segment of the video.

Fil: Welcome to the Kent County Council Graduate Programme. It's a programme that allows you to work in diverse areas across a large organisation and make a real impact in our local communities.

[Caption] Impact in Our Communities

[Caption] Oliver Dann, Growth, Environment and Transport graduate

Oliver walks into his office and is seated at a desk.

Oliver: When I left university, I was a bit unsure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted my work to have a positive tangible impact in the community. Now part of my work is to secure funding from housing developers so that we can build schools and community facilities. Without the KCC Graduate Programme I would have never thought about working in the public sector.

Oliver can then be seen working with Timea Major in the office, both individuals are on laptop computers.

[Caption] Timea, Strategic and Corporate Services graduate

Timea Major is standing in an office.

Timea: Working for KCC is very rewarding, you're working for the people for the community to make Kent a better place to live in. In in my first year in the graduate programme, I had the opportunity to do some diverse work in three different areas of finance, one of the most interesting and challenging pieces of work that I was involved in was KCC’s response to COVID-19.

[Caption] Values and Culture

Four graduates can now be seen working collaboratively together in the office.

This segment is presented by Timea Major, Fil Kamps and Oliver Dann (all standing)

Amy: The KCC values are

Timea: being open

Fil: to invite contribution and challenge

Oliver: and being accountable.

[Caption] Amy Edwards, Growth, Environment and Transport Graduate

Amy: The KCC values create a working culture where colleagues are trusted and supported to work and learn in new ways. The support has given me the confidence to manage my own projects whilst welcoming challenge, an example of where I've worked outside of my comfort zone includes advising the leader of the council on active travel projects.

Fil is standing on the roof terrace of Invicta House in Maidstone.

Fil: KCC has an extensive estate of offices and buildings around the county. It's also an organisation that embraces technology and digital innovation. This has given us the opportunity as a workforce to work collaboratively whether we're working from the office or from home.

[Caption] Professional Development

Two young professionals are working collaboratively.

Fil and Amy are sitting at their desks in the office.

Fil: The Graduate Programme provides a lot of opportunities to develop as a professional and 20% of our time is dedicated towards learning for a professional qualification.

Amy: There is lots of opportunity for on-the-job shadowing, as well as the opportunity to engage with senior managers.

Fil: And being part of such a large organisation like Kent County Council we have the opportunity to progress both laterally and vertically within the organisation and also take secondments in different areas of the business.

Amy: There's also a dedicated learning and development team who are with us every step of the way throughout the graduate programme.

[Caption] Michelle Flegg, KCC Apprenticeship and Graduate Lead

Michelle is seated.

Michelle: At Kent County Council, we're very proud of our graduate programme and very proud of the contribution that our graduates make to the organisation. We are keen to recruit talented graduates into the organisation to be part of our talent pool. We launched the new Kent Graduate Programme in 2019 and currently have 15 graduates on programme. The streams are varied and include Finance, ICT, Project Management, Business Change and Information Governance.

[Caption] Sophie Jerden, Business Change Graduate

Sophie is seated whilst explaining more about her role.

Sophie: So I work on improvement projects across the whole of Kent County Council from Highways to Adult Social Care bringing about efficiencies and streamlining processes.

[Caption] Terry Castle, Compliance and Risk Graduate

Terry is seated whilst explaining more about his role.

Terry: I risk assess IT systems and applications and write treatment plans to any identified risks so that our staff can use these systems safely.

[Caption] Chloe Hazell, Business Change Graduate

Chloe is seated whilst explaining more about her role.

Chloe: I’m working with the safeguarding children unit leading workshops to embed the best decision-making processes within the team to make vulnerable children safer in Kent.

[Caption] Fil Kamps, Project Management Graduate

Fil is seated whilst explaining more about his role.

Fil: I manage transformation and change activities with a focus on digital innovation and robotic process automation finding solutions to problems and better ways of doing things as an organisation.

[Caption] Additional Benefits

Four graduates are working collaboratively at desks in the office.

[Caption] 1. Professional and social staff group for young professionals

Fil: There's a number of other benefits you can take advantage of when you join Kent County Council. We have Aspire - our staff group for young professionals within the organisation who meet on a professional and social basis.

[Caption] 2. Local Government Pension Scheme

Fil: We have a strong defined benefits local government pension scheme.

[Caption] 3. Kent Rewards

Fil: We have Kent Rewards, which gives you discounts off big name brands such as Currys or Halfords.

[Caption] 4. Graduate Network

Fil: You also become a part of the graduate network we have at Kent County Council surrounded by other like-minded individuals who've been through the programme themselves and a buddy to guide you on your way.